Little Creek

Scarse news this week. I missed church and I missed club so I haven’t been anywhere or heard anything.

Oh well, the weather is always a topic to write about and what about this weather?? We got to watch it snow a few times here in Wasola, but no accumulations, but I saw a snowman here in the Ozarks in May via the television.

Karen and Greg, Burr and Ruth and Kasey visited during the week.

Burr and I shopped together last Wednesday. That is the reason I missed club and I missed one of my favorite people there. Candy Lane came to visit and to bring me a tape of the Degase Family made in the 80’s. We will show it at our family reunion in September. I appreciate it, sweet Candy. I haven’t got to watch it yet, but am anticipating doing so real soon when I get it.

I also had to have my Pro Time sent to Springfield so that is the main reason I missed.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Karen Evans, my daughter, and soon to be wishes to son, Kevin, daughter-in-law, Donna and nephew, Rusty.

Roger Evans spent a week with mother, Norma Evans, after she came home from having knee surgery. He mowed her yard and took care of things.

Greg and Karen visited Norma Sunday and Greg went Monday to make spaghetti for her.

Kasey and Karen came to bring  a birthday card and balloon to Ruth after she came home from having back surgery. Ruth’s mother Eileen, spent Wednesday with Ruth while Burr was shopping.

I got it wrong last week. It was not graduation for Kelly Jo Delp it was prom. She graduates this week or soon. Jo and Randall plan to be there. So congratulations again Kelly.

We have been privileged at club to have Kelly grow into a young lady before our eyes. It has only been a short time back when she was little. We have been missing our back massages. Kelly is good at those!

Burr Taber visited with Jean Frye Saturday.

I visited via phone with Lorene Maloney and Ruth Brown Huffman this week and with Candy Lande. Hello to you all again. Also greetings to Hildred Wallace Knight. I got a letter and card on my birthday from Hildred which she never fails to send each year. And the pictures of Ruby Rose are precious. She is growing up.

Tony Ingerson visited his grandmother, Jean Frye. Also he brought Justin.

They were at Branson and Wendy Tetrick’s for a fish fry Saturday. Jamie and Danny had dinner Sunday with Frye’s .

More news next time.