Hope all you mothers had a nice day Sunday. I believe I saw 64 on the register at Garrison Church. Lisa and Wyatt Ellison sang together and Lisa had a solo.

We had a wonderful service, several went to the altar to pray. Good fellowship among everyone. Nice gifts were given to all the ladies. Sunday night services were dismissed, several were going places for Mother’s Day and Colton Jones was graduating. Several of his family went and some went to church services at the College of the Ozarks with him and his wife.

After church Sunday we visited with Gertie Harvill and Shirley Clark. Shirley enjoys my column as she has many friends and family in Douglas County. She is relation to the Frye, Johnson. James worked with both ladies at Fasco.

At Sparta we visited Steve and Shirley (Harvill) Clark. We know two Shirley Clarks. Nice to visit with both, also, Jackie Nelson and grandkids.

Iona Maggard enjoyed Ervin and Sandra Maggard and daughter, Valerie Austin, for Mother’s Day. They brought her a flower, card and strawberry cake.

James and me visited Gloria Fleetwood. We exchanged a few aches and pains we have. Gloria and I graduated together.

I guess mushroom season is over, it never started very good for us. We had several to eat, but I like to freeze them. Sometimes I fixed other dishes to go with them to make them go a little further. I have cooked them  and then we eat them with crackers or bread when we had a lot. So Saturday we picked poke salat. James got a tick stuck on his arm so he said my poke salat days are over. Time to get in the boat and go fishing. Less ticks if a cat hasn’t slept in it. I don’t have any cats. The neighbors cats or strays I see ever once in a while, anyway, James is on a poke salat kick.

We visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb. They have a new rooster that Jim Nelson gave them. Now Jimmy John the red rooster, didn’t impress the Halcomb’s hens.

So Jimmy John got locked up. He escaped and was captured again. He is learning to crow and is being fed a lot so he will grow and impress the hens. Sounds like Jimmy John, the Halcombs and their hens have a lot to look forward to as he grows into rooster hood.

Lisa, Cody, Lacey Ellison and sons were going to visit Dorothy King at Nixa for Mother’s Day after church. Lisa gave me some flowers Sunday. I will enjoy planting. Sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. Memorial Day is near and it is a sad time, for those who respect what it stands for. To others it is just a three day weekend.

Ethan Hutchinson’s family will be having a memorial in honor of him June 22. Call Melissa, his mother, and she can tell you about it and how you can help. Also it is or will be on Facebook. It is for a good cause. I don’t know if I am  allowed to print it but it is for St. Jude’s for kids.

James and me recently visited Winnie Gann at Ava. I don’t believe I mentioned that. Could have as we age we forget. As usual she looked great. She is nice to visit with.

I stopped by a minute at Sybil Harvill’s and left her some spinach, lettuce and green onions. She had a bad head cold or allergies one.

Tom Mitchell is living in the former Pickett place as most of us called if for years the Buck Johnson place. Due to health reasons Mr. and Mrs. Prickett are not able to live their anymore.

John and Connie Siler plan to have a little relaxation and fishing this week. She is on vacation.

Have a great weekend. We welcome you to Garrison Church. Come worship with us.