Monday morning drags at our house. Our get up and go has left. We took a morning nap and felt better.

Monday evening we visited with Gordon and Russ Jones. We told a few tales and left. Nothing like a good hunting or fishing story to share with friends.

David and Glenda Halcomb fished at Warsaw last week. Bub Payne and Brett Stevens enjoyed their trip to Warsaw.

At Garrison Church Sunday 63 was present. Melany Stevens and Lisa Ellison each sang a solo. Rev. Randy and Dottie Maggard vissited. Randy preached and everyone seemed to enjoy him. He told some funny things. James preached Sunday night. We welcome you to any or all our services. Always need help.

I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill, last week and stopped by Junior and Betty’s.

Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited Dorothy Phillips last week.

Donna Loveland and Jonetta Brazil went to the Stillings Cemetery last week. Time is at hand again to decorate our loved ones graves.

James and Linda enjoyed fishing with Rick Crum. We had some good laughs. Chris Wilkerson and Chris Bettis fished by us a little while. They had (the fish) lock jaw. David and Glenda Halcomb caught some white bass that evening. They were in a different area.

Colton Jones will graduate Sunday at the College of the Ozarks. Colton is having the house by his dad and mom remodeled.

Happy Mother’s Day!