Most folks around here are water logged. It has done some damage, I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it to. It sure helps that we were so dry last year.

Loy Lakey has been visiting Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson. Also April the lady they bought their farm from visited four day with them.

Sympathy to Hammons family. Lodene is Joe (Cub) Lafferty’s sister.

Get-well wishes to Racheal and Dustin Burkhart’s new baby girl. I believe she is around two months old. Remember Portia (Hinote) Potter’s mom, Violet.

Sunday at Garrison Church 67 were in attendance. We had 64 a week ago.

God blessed James with good messages over the weekend.

Alice Nelson and Gracie Williams visited Jane Pruett Friday and ate out for Gracie’s birthday.

April 27th Gracie celebrated her 85th birthday. She received a nice surprise party at her home. Helping her celebrate were all her children, Gary Williams and children, Rhonda and friend, Gary Jr., Ryan and Ryley, David Williams and children, Breanna, Jessie and Cody, Mike and Joyce Williams and children, Keith Williams, Jayme Welch and children, Abbi, Katlynn, Owen and Emily, Cindy Blakemore and daughter, Amber, Cheryl Holloway, Gracie’s son-in-law, Dennis Humprey and children, Ronnie and his daughter, Belinda and two sons, Gracie’s sister, Lavon and Lee Jones and their daughter, Marylin and Tim Kingery, her brothers, Jim and Alice Nelson, Billy and Daisy Nelson, Bucker Nelson and son, John and Elaina Nelson.

Another week of odd weather, but I sure hope we don’t go to real hot and stay there. Mushrooms are doing better.

Doris Braden is doing good after her surgery.

Bill and Sue Guerin enjoyed a visit recently with Iona Maggard. Sue said Ervin and Sandra Maggard was there and they all had a good visit and she was glad to see all of them. Sue got a good report on one of her health problems and she needs prayers for her eye problem.

The Martins have been here for a while. The insects maybe in short supply with our yo-yo temperatures.

Rev. Tom Johnson passed away. I didn’t really know him, but heard of him. Sympathy sent to his wife and family.

I guess I should put my pen down. That alarm will sound soon. Off to the woods in hope of a turkey. Three weeks is too long of a season.

Have a gobbling good weekend.