Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. It has been quiet around our Home for two days, Saturday and Sunday, and we know the  reason.  People have been celebrating Memorial season where their loved ones are buried, putting lovely flowers out for everyone to see and remember their loved ones and in memory of our service men who served our great United States of Amercia so bravely.  I can just see all those little flags flapping in the gentle breeze today, but many will, also, celebrate tomorrow, Monday, the official holiday.

Many residents went out to enjoy this beautiful day and look at our lovely lawn, flowers, trees and shrubs.

Some residents are busy with handiworks they like to do.  Frances Aid is busy with lovely embroidery work.  It is a good way to pass the time and beautiful when finished.  I spent one year embroidering scenes on squares of 12 inch muslin, then set them together and made a quilt, it is on view in our hallway.

Loretta Brooks is sewing scraps of material together to eventually become a quilt. She can only use one arm with her sewing machine and does a wonderful job. I know it will be a lovely design when finished and set together.

We would like to welcome our new residents to our home, they are Bonnie Bolding and Anna Cuff.

Our 28th Annual 4th of July Celebration will be held on June 28th.   If your church, groups or clubs would like to have a booth at the celebration please call Connie at 417-683-4129 for more information.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.