Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare

Hello from our home to your home! We have made it through National Nursing Home Week and what a week it was!  How our Activities Director did it–I don’t know.  She came during the night and took down the wall decorations for that day’s theme and decorated thoroughly for the next day’s theme and really appropriately and nicely, too.  She did that  every night and was here bright and early the next morning to enhance the new daily theme.

Mound Church was here for Sunday afternoon church. We really appreicated them coming and visiting with us.  Sunday was the Mother’s Day Tea with speaker Mrs. Carol Carson, a poem read by Mrs. Maxine Lirley, which she wrote, and music by Jean Huff, Carol Carson and Alice Lirley.  Door prizes were won by Gary Lirley and Jack Miller.  Monday was Nerd Day and our day started off with the Mayor of Ava, coming and signing the proclamation making  it National Nursing Home Week.   We had a nerdy cheesy eating contest, a nerdy spelling bee and enjoyed watching all the nerds in our home.   Tuesday was Camo Day with a real camp tent set in the dining room complete with a deer surrounded by pine leaves.  We played camo tin can game,  the staff played the HOTO survival scavenger hunt and finished off our day going outside and shooting bb guns along with Marion and Rocco, our maintenance men.   Bob Lambert proved to be the best shot of all.  We also watched hunting on the outdoor channel.   Wednesday was western day and we proved we had a lot of cowboys in the work place.  We made homemade ice cream and dietary set-up the BBQ grill outside and we grilled for everyone.  Once again our maintenace men went and got tables and chairs for everyone to be outside.  Resident wants to do this once a  month.    Thursday morning was Storybook Day and we actually had a Fiona from Shrek in our mist, an Alice in Wonderland and several other storybook characters.  We honored our volunteers with a volunteer tea at 10:00.  Silver Streak was here and they sang several songs for our entertainment. Bro. Tom Hawkins  said a prayer over the volunteers.   Bro. John Haskins opened up the program with prayer.  Mrs. Maxine Lirley read the poem she had written for the volunteers.  Awards were passed out.  Connie McFarlin won the door prize.  Dietary served fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and drinks.  We appreicated all of our volunteers who give their time to come and be with our residents.  In the afternoon we had a Fashion Show with each department making their outfit out of the stuff at work.  There was a lot of good outfits.   Sawyer and Illa stole the show modeling their new summer outfits.   Friday was Hippie Day we played flying frisbee, balloon wobble and was excited that the 1st Sonshine Group was here for music and devotions. Contests and activites were promoted along with the theme each day. Many pictures were taken which later will be posted on the hallways bulletin boards.  Our menus were appropriate for each day, our dietary department did a outstanding job during the week.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Audrey and Richard Hadeen, husband and wife who passed within days of each other.   Our prayers and sympathy also go out the family of Robert Adams, he leaves behind his wife Angie Adams and his aunt Mrs. Maxine Lirley. Our prayers and sympathy also go out to the family of Nellie Turner.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Macie Shireman, Betty Kennedy, and Mary Mainus.  Congratulations to Vonna Hathcock, Gary Atchison, Don Nelsen and Grace Nicholson on getting to go home the past couple of weeks.

God Bless From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.