Happy Home Church

We had a work day at the church on Saturday. We had a good turn out to help. We got a lot accomplished. We appreciate all who came out and helped Happy Home Church put on a new face. We appreciate those who brought food for breakfast and lunch. We had good fellowship and a good day in the Lord.

Our morning service began with a good morning to all from Bro. Gregg. We had prayer requests for the sick, the lost, our families, the church and many other things. Prayer was led by Sister Shirley. We sang for Jesus and gave our gifts for Sunday school and Bro. Gregg led in prayer.

Our Sunday school leaders Bro. Dee and Sister Stacy used scripture from II Peter 2:1-22. We had comments and discussion from the class. It was a good lesson.

We sang for the Lord. The choir was small, but in good voice. We gave our gifts to the Lord and prayer by Bro. Bob. We had specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Juanita, Sister Sharron and Bro. Frank Watson.

We had a handshake and Bro. Gregg brought the morning message. He prayed and used scripture from Proverbs chapter 41. It was a good message from the Lord. We had a song and altar call with Bro. Dee Gustin giving his life to Christ. What a blessing as we felt the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with love and praise. Sister Juanita dismissed us with prayer.

Our evening service began with our prayer circle. Again we had many prayer requests with each praying and Bro. Gregg closing. We sang some great hymns and had specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Juanita and a duet from Sister Carla and Bro. Gregg.

Bro. Gregg led in prayer and used Saint Mark 9:36-46 for his message. It was a good message from the Lord. We closed with a song and a handshake. Sister Carla dismissed with prayer.

We will be going to Skyline Full Gospel Church for their singing Friday night, May 17 at 7:30 p.m. Come and have some good food and fellowship. Bring your songs and instruments and join in. You will be blessed.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.