Tuesday, May 14 – Maybe we are going to have spring after all. It’s a beautiful morning. Hope all you mothers had a good Mother’s Day.

Ted Collins, Autumn and Blaine visited last Tuesday with Ann Collins. Ted mowed her yard

Sharon Driskell visited me on Wednesday morning.

Ann Collins and I went to the garage sale at Drury Store Friday morning and got to visit with Vicky Dooms. Anyone like fried pies? They have delicious homemade ones at the Drury Café.

Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith came after me Saturday morning. We went to the Plant Place at Norwood where Patty Stephens met us. After they got me some flowers we ate at a café there in Norwood ( I can’t think of the name of it, but we had a delicious lunch). Tracy and her kids then brought me home, she and Hannah set out my flowers, then I went home with them and spent Saturday night and Sunday.

Ann Collins went to Mountain Grove after church Sunday and had dinner with Carol Wise, Chris Hartzell and Riley O’Shea, Will and Ashley Collins and Ted Collins joined them for lunch, Chris and Riley did the cooking.

Karen Fredrick, Sirena, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw, Janet and Katlyn Smith visited with Agnes Williams Sunday evening. She was doing good that day.

River Stillwood had supper Sunday night with Bertha and Dean Scherer.

Bill Emery is to have another surgery on one of his eyes today at Springfield, keep him in your prayers.

A belated birthday wish to Dovie Dooms May 2nd and Happy Birthday to Kay Johnson May 21st.

My hand is tired so God bless until next time.