What a beautiful spring day this Monday is. Old man winter seems to be reluctant to give up this year. Sounds like it will be cold again in a few days.

I spent the past week in Moberly, they have had lots of rain and a lot of snow, the fields are plowed and water is standing in a lot of them.

Debbie and Shelby Hutchison, Jamie and Brilee Snodgrass came after me Friday the 20th. They spent the night then Debbie brought me home Saturday and spent the night.

Ann Collins spent Saturday night with Carol Wise and Riley O’Shea in Mountain Grove, they went to church.

Karen and Doug Fredrick, Sirena, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw spent Saturday night at Mountain Home.

Harold, Bertha and Dean Scherer went fishing Sunday, don’t know if they caught any fish or not.

I learned Sunday of the passing of Sue Upshaw and Ransel Hutchison, sympathy to their families.

Also Pearl Stout and Bill Hurst passed away recently. Bill was a cousion of mine as was Sue Upshaw and Pearl and I were long time friends.

Birthday wishes for these with May birthdays: Jared Bradshaw, Casey Owens, Debbie Stone, Glenda Lee, Sirena Bradshaw, Agnes Williams and oh yes, yours truly the 12th. I’m still holding at 59, had to up the number a bit as my girls caught up and passed 39.

I kid about my age, but I thank God every day that I am old and still in fairly good health.

Until next time, take care and God bless.