Well it’s Sunday afternoon and that sun sure feels good.

I’m looking forward to these warm days the weatherman has forecasted for us.

Darrel and Audean came by for a short visit Saturday afternoon. I think they were just out for a drive to get out of the house. I’m sure glad they stopped by here.

My goodness it’s May already and I don’t have any garden out yet. I might get something planted this week since it’s suppose to be warm.

I cooked some food and took it to the potluck supper at the fire dept. Saturday night. They had a nice crowd and after supper they had the auction. It seemed to go good. They had a lot of fun.

Randy and Carson came by this morning and headed to the lake. Then about 2 p.m. they came back showing us the fish they caught.

We had good services at Frye Church this morning with lunch and fellowship to follow.

Well not much to write about here so I’ll sign off or this week.