Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I have two weeks or so worth of news to report in this article so I will see if I can keep everything in order.

The first week in May was our Communion Sunday. Our crowd was down a little, but we still had a good service. I had my granddaughter, Alexis, with me and I was so proud when she went up front and sang all by herself. She is attending pre-school at Ava Victory Academy and I was amazed when I went to their end of the year program. They truly do a great job of teaching these little ones. This son was one of the sons that they sung for their program.

The next Sunday was Mother’s Day and we celebrated by giving chocolates to all the mothers. We also had flowers for the youngest mother; Brooke Nelson, the oldest mother: Sybil Harvill; the mother with the most kids: Virginia Hampton and the grandmother with the most kids and grandkids present: Wanda Hutchinson.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I had kept Braxton and Alexis all night and I had all my family come over Sunday afternoon. We went down and waded in the creek for a little while. Well, at least the kids and I did.

Last Saturday, there was a birthday party for Violet. Several from our church attended and a large crowd of family members were present. It was so nice to see her feeling good for her birthday party, but Donald said it did make her tired for the next day. I am sure it was well worth it. She had a smile on her face the whole evening. We still need to remember to keep her in our prayers. We also need to add Sybil Harvill to or prayer list, as she is in the hospital.

I have also been to Plainview school for awards programs two night for my other grandkids, Courtney, Rilee and Braxton. I am so proud of all my grandkids. I know that others at church have been busy with end of school events too.

I received a phone call from my brother, Howard, that Hospice had called them and said that if any of the family wanted to see brother, Bob, we better come and see him. Saturday Roger and I went up to visit and Stan and Dotti were there. Sunday afternoon Howard, Phyllis, Benny, Dee and kids went to visit and Bob went home to heaven Sunday night. My brother, Bob, was a very special guy. Most everyone that met him, loved him. I know my mother is welcoming him home in heaven.

I know I have given you good news and bad, but that is the way the world works. God says to rejoice with each other and to bear each other’s sorrows. If you don’t know God, or have someone to help share your joys and sorrows we invite you to our church, or find a church close to your home.