Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

What an absolutely gorgeous day today was. This is the weather we think of as spring weather. I hope you remembered to thank God for giving us such blessings as this. My weather man is telling me that the forecast is going to change by this weekend. I guess we do live in Missouri.

I have talked with a few people that already have some garden growing. I only have radishes and spinach. I can’t seem to find my garden dry enough between all the rain showers, but we will not complain about the rain for it will definitely help this summer.

We had a good service at church this Sunday. Our crowd was down a little, and that only means that you were not there. We want you to know how much you were missed. The youth planted flowers in the flower bed in honor of children everywhere, for child abuse awareness. It looks really nice. Wanda brought some potting soil and Jackie Nelson brought the flowers. Tammy and Darrell along with Jackie helped the kids dig up the dirt and get all the flowers planted.

We had two birthdays to celebrate Sunday: Miss Grace Mitchell and Mrs. Gracie Williams. They share the same birthday just a few, and a few more years apart. We wish a Happy Birthay to both of these special ladies.

Grace Mitchell played her first song on the piano at church Sunday. She was joined by her dad, Jon and her teacher, Irene, who sang while she played.

I don’t know what went on in the adult Sunday school lesson, but Jerry Nelson told me that Roger and Donald should probably be in trouble by me. Do you think they were talking about me? I am sure they were, and from the sound of things, it wasn’t anything nice. I may have to send a spy in to listen for me.

Remember next Sunday is the special class for 16-30 year olds. I know Jon will have something from God to talk about.

Saturday night, Roger and I went down to his sister’s house. Donna had fixed supper for us and Carolyn in honor of Roger and Jerry’s birthdays. I can’t believe I am married to an old man. Don’t tell him I said that.

I hope you have a wonderful church that you attend regularly, and that you have a close relationship with God. If you are in need of either we welcome you to join us at our church services. God truly blesses those who serve Him. Take care.