Dogwood Ramblings

We managed to get through another nasty storm event.  It is so difficult to emotionally “place ourselves” in Moore, OK and feel what those poor unfortunate people went through.  Losing one’s property is one thing but losing loved ones of any age is decimating to our psyches and the parents of those lost children will never get over the loss completely.  Please do pray for all of them.  St. Leo’s Church took up a collection on Sunday for those devastated by the tornado.

A sad event occurred here.  My oldest dog, 17 year old Sushi, seemed fine in the morning when she did her usual dance for her morning treat.  However, her hind area had been showing weakness for some while and Monday afternoon I heard her send out a cry from on the deck.  She could no longer stand and was in pain.  I called for Ron to come do the sad deed and then went and sat with Sushi, petting and comforting her.  The Shih Tzu was nuzzling and licking on Sushi as if he understood what she was going through.  Bless his heart, Ron put her out of her suffering, then returned Tuesday to bury her.  Some of you are aware of the flower arbor in front of my home.  It is my pet cemetery.  Now, there is only one spot remaining.  Many loved and devoted pets, including old and weak strays, rest there since in 1998.  I don’t believe in “doggie heaven” but surely think there should be such a place for our God-given, devoted pets.

Jamey Herd has been having some medical problems, ended up in Cox South with a TIA for a day or so.  We visited by phone and she related that last Friday a deputy came to ask if they had seen a truck go by with a John Deere tractor – it seems in the middle of the day someone loaded up the tractor and drove off with it.  Good to remember to not leave keys in anything!  It took enormous gall to do that.

Ron and Randy have both been putting up hay.  A few nice days have been helpful in this regard.  Randy and Ivan brought me a nice 10’ x 10’ awning type thing for the deck as there is absolutely no shade out there.  I had wanted the entire deck covered but ran into multiple problems with erecting a cover and found out that it will be far too expensive for my blood.  Should have had it done when this house was rebuilt after the fire!  Of course, I wasn’t thinking too straight those days.

Grandson Nick will be back from North Dakota for a couple of weeks.  They didn’t let him return to his job there until his hand was completely OK and he was released by a doctor.  His Chocolate Lab (which has tonsillitis of all things!) will be so glad to have him home, as well as the other dogs, the cat, and especially his wife, Sheila, who has been a bit under the weather.

We have an election on June 4th.  At the last election we, the people, voted to re-elect Jo Ann Emerson, who in the past did a fairly decent job.  However, shortly after the election Emerson opted for a position with a large company.  This, of course, means her position has to be filled through another election.  Have you any idea the cost of such an election?  The ballots have to be printed up.  Each township has to have a place for people to vote, and these places cost money.  Each election judge (at least four to each polling place) is paid for their time.  These people set up the polling places and are there from about 5:30 in the morning to 7:30 at night, and then two judges take the ballots in to the court house in Ava, mileage cost included in the expense.  I am not pleased with this and the expense falls on the county, many counties barely meeting their expenses as it is.  Emerson’s decision has made great expense for Missouri taxpayers.

Until next week, be well, and pray for our nation.