Dogwood Ramblings

I thought this might be interesting for some of our older citizens.  I forget the year but think it was 1943 when my father was an air raid warden in Los Angeles before they drafted him into the Marines at age 38 and with 3 children.  One night a Japanese plane flew over where we lived and then left, most likely a recon flight.  I remember my father reporting it.  Several houses down the street was one that we children feared as we were told the man could see through our clothes.  Yeah, right!!!  We were gullible.  Well, due to his unusual activities and the radio antennae on his roof, he was reported and we were told to not bother him.  It seems he was a German spy and under surveillance 24/7, including all transmissions and receiving.  All the Japanese in our area had been picked up and put into camps, even though they were hard working vegetable farmers and business people. Their land was confiscated and sold and today, that whole area is all big buildings. One of the sad things from WW II!  Carol

Jeff came out and did some weed eating for me, all of the back yard plus more.  I had just finished mowing most everything out front.  Then, we received more rain.  Good timing!  The leaf blower sure came in handy for cleaning the mower, the garage and the porch.  Next is the deck!  The price of fuel is absolutely obscene and it seems they come up with stories they think we’ll believe.  With it going up 70 cents in one week is ridiculous and might cut back on trips and mowing.  It did come down a little again but don’t be shocked if it goes over four dollars here like in California.

For those of you who know Ivan Lawson, he is grandpa again, twins this time.  Scott’s wife was having a difficult pregnancy and the twins were taken by Caesarian Section on May 12th.  The little boy, Emmett, has done well in Cox ICU, breathing on his own from the start.  The little girl, Makenna, just over two pounds, is doing well although still on oxygen.  Scott got leave from the Air Force to spend a couple of days but had to return on that Thursday.  Ivan spent a few days up at Cox.

Have you written up your life story and/or the story of your family for those who follow you?  So many people do not.  Then, after time has passed and family members wonder about this and that, if you are gone so are all of your memories of various events such as your childhood, your education, your faith, your love(s) and your work and dreams over the years.  Do take/make the time to record your life for your offspring.  Of course, your memories might not be exactly the same as one of your siblings, but it is your take on past happenings.  I need to send my “story” off to my sister so she can argue with me over the past.


As I finish this up we are facing promises of some nasty weather.  May you all be safe and remember to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.