Dogwood Ramblings

Jamey Herd has not been having a good couple of weeks and running to the doctor every week is no fun.   She says no one in the area calls her with news or updates.  Same here!  Surely some of you have news of your gardens, etc. and goings on at your churches.  Occasionally Patsy Williams will call with family information.  There are so very many on this hill and we’d love to hear from any of you.  We hear nice comments from time to time but get very little to no news.

Patsy did call with some news this week.  She said she had a house full on Sunday, as usual.  Some of the Williams family went to Ava Elementary family night last Wednesday, lots of games, fun and a drawing.  Little Aiden Williams, son of Nick and Amanda Williams won one of the drawings.  7 year old Aiden is the great, great grandson of Miss Ruby Williams, who taught school in Douglas County for 40 years.  Patsy said one of her cousins, Katie Presley, passed away last Wednesday.  Doris & Virgil McCardy moved next door to Patsy.  Doris is sister to Fern Huffman.  Doris huge cat got out of their house and Patsy ended up finding it in the brush.  Patsy said the snakes are out so that was a dangerous doings.

The weather certainly has been unusual, not just here but from across the country as I hear from family and friends in other states.  So many areas have set records for snow, in May!  I did manage to get some more mowing done and as I mentioned previously, rocks have given birth to rocks.  The blades of my mower found many in areas where none were noted before.  The blades probably need sharpening.  Jeff Reeves is coming again this week to help with some yard work.

Memorial Day is fast approaching.  I want to thank all veterans, our past and present military all, living or passed on, for being a part of and the source of our freedoms.  It seems we are always under an attack of some sort, our rights being taken away one by one and in various ways.  I for one will not go “down” easily.  Do pray for our military, our rights, a just government.  My father, both of my husbands, my brother and his two sons, several cousins, and two of my granddaughters have been in our military and believe me, this is not a high paying profession, but an honorable one.

Mother’s Day was so rewarding.  I heard from all four sons and had visits as well, some by phone and some in person, as well as receiving some very nice cards.  God bless and remember all in prayer.

From The desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist passed out inspirational books with matching pens to all the Mothers in the service yesterday. Several were gone to graduations or had to work and were missed. The church is in the process of having the furnace and air conditioner replaced.

Two weeks ago we attended the funeral of dear friend and former pastor Robert (Bob) Gilmore of Mtn. Grove. Bob was a wonderful teacher of the scriptures and will be greatly missed. Our daughter, Susan Doyle, made the trip from Carl Junction to attend the funeral. We met her at Seymour along with Joan Workman and rode with her to Cabool where the service was held. I was glad she was driving as we drove in heavy rain all the way.

This past Monday I made a trip into the doctor with possible Strep Throat. Then Monday night Billy Joe suffered a gall bladder attacck. Of course we didn’t know at the time what it was so into the ER we went. After they ruled out his heart and found gall stones, he went to surgery Thursday afternoon. Two hours later he came home. He is doing great and has had very little pain. We went to the 11 o’clock service yesterday so he didn’t have to sit very long.

I am sorry for the lack of news the last few weeks. Life just gets in the way sometimes. We are looking forward to some warmer weather and hope it doesn’t go from too cold to too hot as sometimes happen this time of year. We hope to get some garden out before long also. It has just been too wet and cold to get anything into the ground.

I want to wish everyone a good week and God’s Blessings.