Dogwood Ramblings

It has been a busy time on Dogwood Hill.  Randy got his cattle “worked” and the horses brought to the barn, so the new grass won’t create founder problems.  He worked on two trucks, a tractor, and other things.  However, he managed to come for supper three times.  Randy got some fertilizer and weed killer where it was needed – just wish he had time to put some on my place.  He brought some hay over and put it in my three dog houses so they can be cozy.  I managed to get some church work finished here at home – time consuming.  Also did some yard mowing and dear neighbor, Bob Wagner, mowed the ditches for me again and I took care of his dog for a few days.

Last Tuesday Grandson Nick and wife Sheila “Angel” invited me for Chinese food in Seymour, then we took a trip north on Hwy 5 to an interesting place that sells plants, crafts and some antique items.  These shops are always so interesting and Nick gave me two beautiful hanging plants from there for my front porch as a Mother’s Day gift.  Of course, I had to bring the plants inside from the cold and snow.  By Sunday morning we had over an inch of snow here.  It blanketed the trees beautifully but by midday it was gone.  Hopefully those with gardens started were able to protect the tender plants.

New dog, still a puppy although huge, decided to “play” with the planters on the deck so they had to be moved to the front porch, salvaging what flowers I could.  Remember that worn out excuse of children telling the teacher the dog ate their homework?  Well, I believe now that it can happen.  I’ve been “guarding” trash and slippers and the stupid cat that thinks it should run even though the pup just wants to give him a dog bath.  Oh well, all this keeps me alert.

If you were raised in a city do you remember it was safe to play games in the streets, even after dark?  If city-raised do you recall street cars and buses, and that it was safe to travel that way?  When I started working in downtown Los Angeles it took a bus and a streetcar to get there, and a long time as well.  One day a friend and I decided to make a detour to downtown LA after work and were walking around when a scruffy man asked why we were there in such a dangerous area.  He showed us his ID as an undercover policeman and escorted us to a safer area, giving us a stern warning.  This was before the Supreme Court closed most mental institutions, creating what we call street people.  Memories!

Do welcome spring (I think it is finally here), be safe, pray!