County Line

My sympathy to the family of Onis Gunter.

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. We went to town on Friday and Saturday. Quin and Macee visited me Saturday also.

Juanita Kazenske of Illinois called me on Tuesday.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Tuesday also.

Jo Stephens visited me on Friday.

Megan Goforth visited Regan Koop on Saturday after ball practice.

Bryse Dodson and the Bad News Bears of Ava played in a ball tournament in Miller, Missouri Saturday. They won all three games taking first place.

Chase played in the softball tournament in Ava Saturday.

Reece visited with Melanie Nelson Saturday. They had lunch at Pizza Hut.

Reece, Quin and Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna. Quin and Macee attended church with them.

Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee all stayed Sunday night with David and Donna.

I’m planning to attend the wedding of Jessica Lawson of Mountain Grove on Saturday. She is my great-niece.