County Line

My sympathy to all the bereaved.

Donna Dodson came by on Monday, Quin Breeding and Reece and Megan Goforth were sick this week.

Donna took Quin to the doctor on Tuesday. Reece and Megan went to the doctor on Friday. Quin and Macee went to the dentist on Friday.

Chase Dodson killed his second gobbler on Saturday. It weighed 21-1/2 pounds.

Debra Reed of Kansas called this week. They are planning to come for a visit in May.

Reece Goforth and Melanie Nelson went to the MOCH Friday and Saturday.

Megan spent Saturday night with David and Donna. She and Macee went to church with them Sunday morning. She visited Regan Koop awhile on Sunday afternoon.

Donna went to Quin and Macee’s soccer tournament on Saturday. Ashlin, Kelli, Axel, Dominick, Challa and Dalton also played. She took me to town Saturday.

Gene and Rheba Pool and Jo Stephens all visited me on Sunday afternoon. Jo and John went to Black Oak Church Sunday night.

Melanie Breeding went to Springfield Saturday. Keith went fishing on Sunday.