Breedon News

Opening prayer was by Lee Hampton. Our lesson was from II Corinthians, chapter 6.

Joe read Psalm 129 for opening Sunday school. Our lesson was how we must work together in working for the Lord toward the saving of souls. We discussed the lesson verse by verse in II Corinthians, chapter 6.

Our service changed and we want to welcome and thank all of our visitors for coming. Please feel free to come and be with us always. We had wonderful congregational singing. It was like it was when I was younger and four part harmony rang out in praise to God. Special singing was given by the Lafferty’-Thomas family and the Thomas family alone as well. Beautiful singing and the Holy Ghost visited us with a special blessing. I can honestly say I have never assembled here at this little church that the Holy Spirit wasn’t here. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ and acknowledge the privilege of worshiping with them. Thank you Lord for the blessings you gave us today and the ones you give daily.

Brother Cub (Joe) took the sermon from Isaiah 12:1-5. We see the Lord’s calling. His children to get ready for the end that is coming. We go on to Revelations the 21st chapter verses 1-5. This is very comparable to the calling of the end. In the 4th verse I love where it says, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying neither shall there be any more pain” for the former things are passed away. Are you ready friend? The end is upon us and I pray you accept Jesus now before it is too late and God can wipe your tears away forever too. Please hear His call and let His will be done.

Remember to pray for one another this week and I ask you to remember my aunt’s family in her passing on to Heaven. Her name is Lodene Hammons and her children are Charles, Judy, Carol and Fay.

May God bless you all this week and let’s all come into one accord and pray for our nation to once again be a God-fearing and praising nation. Please God, heal our land and again, thank you for all you have done. In Jesus Holy Name – Amen.