Breedon Church

May 12 – We opened with reading of Psalms 121. Opening prayer was given by Ronnie Thomas. In his request to God he offered request to all mothers especially those that may be struggling with a decision of whether to keep their baby or make the choice of abortion. This is something all of us Christians should be praying for and assist in any way we can to help. Something of this manner should have never landed in political gain. It has become not a respect for life, but just a subject the politcians use in their campaign speeches while they seek an office. God help our nation and bring us back to the respect and understanding that only you can give. I pray also that when a mother has elected to keep that baby that resources will be made to help them rather than lining a selfish rich man’s pocket. Being rich is not what is wrong, but their misuse and greed showing their evil love of money is what is wrong and this in turn causes the poor to have an even harder time.

This kind of goes along with our lesson today in that Paul continues to speak to the church of Corinth in II Corinthians chapter 9 about giving support to the gospel. If they have more, it should be in their heart to give more. Paul brings out in verses 4 throughout the rest of the chapter that if you give sparingly you will receive, but if you give abundatly, blessings will be abundant. We are not to do it grudgingly, but remember in verse 7, “God loveth a cheerful giver.”

Our service changed to congregational and special singing. Since it is mother’s day – songs of recognition of mothers are given. A lot of tears are shed, but also, joy in our hearts for our mamas are waiting for us in Heaven. How great that reunion day will be. My prayer is not only the mamas, but the daddies too will hear Jesus calling to them by the Holy Spirit and will ask Him in their heart acceptng Him as their Savior.

The sermon is appropriately given from Proverbs chapter 31, verses 10-31. This was read at my mama’s funeral and I have heard it read at many other Christians mothers. I hope that when my departure of this life comes for me that this will be a scripture the minister feels comfortable in reading. I have failed much more than succeeded at working for my Jesus. How can any mortal person stand without Jesus who knew no sin? Well, friend, we can’t. There is no advocate before an all knowing, sovereign, righteous God that will judge you and your soul will be in eternal hell and separation from God and His son, Jesus, as well as, Christian loved ones that have gone on home, if you have denied the acceptance of Christ as the only Savior God has given. What a painful sacrifice endured by one who was perfect and knew no sin. Have you ever thought how broken hearted God our Father was upon giving His only son? This is a matter that I couldn’t even bear to think of, let alone do it. But praise God He did and praise Jesus that He agreed to come to be the only supreme sacrifice for sins.

All mothers I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and read Proverbs chapter 31 to see what is given to us as what our responsibilities are. It’s more than just feeding, changing diapers and playing with them. We have a duty to raise these children in the admonition of our Lord and Savior. May God bless you all this week and to those who do not know Jesus, I pray that as you read this the Holy Spirit will touch your heart and you will accept Jesus as your Savior today.

Next Sunday, May 19th we will be having our communion service and dinner on the grounds. The dinner is cancelled for today after the baptizing due to Mother’s Day, but next week we will sure welcome you. God be with you all.