Black Oak Church

“Blessed by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the ressurection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” I Peter 1:3.

Brother Roy Frye opened Sunday school after we sang. He read Lametations 3:19-24 for the devotion then dismissed us to class.

Pastor David prayed for the following prayer requests, Wanda Goss, John Little, Floyd Graham, Pete Turley, Jim Satterfield, Larry Burnett, Shirley Riley, Gene Pool, Howard, Jeremy and friends, bereaved, unsaved, unspoken, country and leaders and each other.

Megan and Quin did the Penny March for Camp Piland.

Brother Bobby Turley took up the tithes and offering.

Pastor David sang then preached God’s message from Proverbs 4.

The children studied about Joseph in Sunday school. They worked on Mother’s Day gifts in children’s church.  I appreciate Angie for helping me.

Sunday evening service began with singing. Pastor David sang then preached God’s message from II Chronicles 20:5-19. Jehosaphat knew a battle was coming. He and the people turned to God. God said be still and watch. We need to quit trying to fix everything ourselves. We need to ask God, then be still and watch Him work. He wants to help us. They went to God’s house. We should too.

We had good testimonies in both services. God is so good to us. May He bless you all this week. Don’t forget to do some thing for Him.