Bethany Baptist Church

We were pleased to have guests again this week. Some of the members who had been sick were back in church, so there was a good number in church. We still had a few out with sickness, one with pneumonia. We had to delay a baptizing because of that. We must keep them in our prayers.

Darlene and Sally Sorensen, Bobby Priddy, and Norma Stillings sang “The Ninety and Nine” for a special song Sunday morning.

Several of our members were at the Ava Cemetery, Monday morning for the Veterans Memorial Service. One of our own members, Adrain Owen, is a WWII veteran and is presently Chaplain. He gave both prayers at a very good service. Adrain has many stories about going into Europe after the D-day landings.

Another Bethany Baptist Church member, Carl Deeds, has passed away, but we still remember that he was part of that terrible effort to break through the German forces at Normandy.

Most of our military veterans at Bethany Baptist Church served in later conflicts, but all of them deserve our gratitude.

A work day was announced for Saturday, June 1 starting at 9:00 AM. When several people join efforts, the job is not so big.

Pastor Bob Sorensen’s message was “Whom do you worship?” We are to worship God, not the things that he made or the wonderful things that he has given us. We love his beautiful creation, we love the Bible particularly the King James Version, we love the traditions, practices and doctrines of our churches, but we are not to worship any of these things. It is Christ who died for our salvation. In Matthew 2:2-11 the wise men fell down and worshipped the Christ child. They opened their treasures and gave him gifts. In Revelation 4:10-11 the elders fall down before the Lamb of God on the throne and worshipped him, cast their crowns before him, and declared that, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” All our worship should be directed to the Lord God, Creator, Sustainer, Risen Saviour, and Judge of all nations.