Bethany Baptist Church

We were honored to have missionary guests this week and their daughter.

Their daughter has just finished her Junior year at Heartland Baptist Bible College and is planning to spend the summer with her parents before completing her Senior year. She will complete her teaching degree during this upcoming year.

The father is the current director for World Missions Bearing Precious Seed which is a ministry that prints and sends out Bibles, Bible portions, tracts, and other Christian literature. During the last couple of months they had packed and shipped three containers full of Bibles and “John and Romans,” one to India and two to the Philippines.

He told about how a missionary, Clementa, had worked twenty-five years in the Philippines, first learning to understand and speak the unwritten language of one the language groups in the Philippines, then writing it down in phonetic form. He first made a translation of the New Testament, then of the Old Testament. Clementa came to churches in America to get the support to print the Bibles. He also started church schools to teach the people how to read.

Here in America a “great company” of churches and printing ministries worked together to buy paper, print, collate, pack, and ship the large number of Bibles and “John and Romans” booklets. Getting permits and approval from the different governments involved took time, but God worked there also. By the time all this had happened, Clementa, had died, but his son saw the scriptures being given out. God still blesses those who persist in getting the scriptures into the hands of those who are hungry for the Bible.

He asked, “Are you in the Lord’s army?” He retired last year after almost twenty-five years in the military. He said that he could relate to the story in Judges 7 about when Gideon and an army of 32,000 men of Israel faced a much larger host of Midianites, Amalekites, and children of the east, like “grasshoppers for multitude.” God had Gideon send some home who were fearful, and Gideon was left with 10,000 men. God told him that this was still too many, they should go down to get water to drink. Those who bowed down on their knees to drink were sent to their tents and there remained 300 who brought the water to their mouths in their hands.

We know that God miraculously used the 300 devoted men and the Lord had a great victory that day.  The people of the Lord are still like that when the call comes to be a witness for the Lord. Most people are fearful, tongue tied, or simply ignore that call. A second group may say “I’ll go,” may even give an occasional witness, may give some support to someone else, but do not persist in personal witnessing. A smaller group studies to learn what God says, they go out with the strange weapons of Bibles and tracts and they consider that their daily actions speak louder than their words. What kind of soldier are you?