Bethany Baptist Church

All the mothers were honored, Sunday morning. Each mother received a small tin of hard candies, “Mixed Fruit Drops” and a small book, “God’s gift for Mothers” published by Thomas Nelson.  Every lady present received a flower that was ready to be set out.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message for mothers, “Faith of a Mother.”  A godly mother has saving faith, faith in the Bible, faith in prayer, faith in God’s promises concerning her children, faith in Romans 8:28, and faith in the future life.

A mother who has saving faith has something to pass on to her children that will endure when wealth, earthly pleasures, social standing, health and life itself have failed. Her happiness rests in a confidence in Christ. She sees the Bible with all its promises and warnings as the best guide for her life and that of her children. A mother’s faithfulness in prayer not only reaches the ears of God, but remains in the memories of sons and daughters as an example and part of the training that stands by them when they are old. She has faith that consistent and firm discipline are part of the love with which she trains her children. She also knows that even when things look bad, God has a purpose, and that heaven is a place where all tears are wiped away and we never grow old.

Norma Stillings plays the piano at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Saturday morning from 10:00 to 10:30. Anyone who likes to sing the old songs of the faith is welcome to come and sing along. Another Bethany Baptist Church member, Tom Hawkins brings a message from the Bible from 10:30 to 11:00.

Saturday, May 18 Bethany Baptist Church will be having a Mother/Daughter Banquet starting at 11:30 AM. Sandra Rogers will be speaking to the ladies following the lunch.

Sunday, May 19 we will host some missionaries as our guests. There will be lunch in the fellowship hall at noon. There will be a 1:00 PM service and no evening service.