We’ve been busy around the place this past week. Bob, my son, has been trimming trees and it is taking a while to get everything cleaned up. My squirrels are somewhat confused as their tree limbs are gone and they are learning a new route to their feeder.

Bob and Linda took me to Life Church on Sunday to see my great-grandson, Buster Davis, play in the band. They are a great band with a lot of talent and great singers. Also a large group of young kids did songs.

At noon we attended a family get-together at the home of Preston and Lisa Breshears. Then later in the evening, I rested and Bob and Linda attended a fish fry at the home of Doug, Shelia and Kolton. It was a celebration for graduating seniors, Kolton, grandson of Linda, and some of his friends.

Linda has enjoyed phone calls from great-grandchildren from Oklahoma and Texas.

Until next week, God bless and hello to all my friends and family away from her and prayers for all the families that were in the tornado at Oklahoma.