Ava Place

Spring greetings from Ava Place!  Really it is spring, even though this past week we have had snow, sleet and freezing rain.  Our first attempt at a garden froze.  We are waiting to make sure winter is over to try again.  We are very excited that the hummingbirds are starting to show up at the feeders and we have a sweet little sparrow building a nest in one of our waving petunias.  We enjoyed a morning outing to the Mansfield bookstore, it was rainy and cold.  Good for reading weather right?  We are in the process of getting everything ready for National Nursing Home week.  It will be May 12-17.  We will be having a Mothers Day party to kick it all off.  There will be a coloring contest, where we will be judging Ava Victory Academy projects.  What the residents are looking forward to most is the ALL DAY BINGO!!!  This week we celebrated the birthday of Margaret Frye.  Her girls Shirley, Dianna and Norma brought in a cake to share with everyone at dinner.  They joined her for bingo and spent the day with her.  She had a wonderful birthday!

We have new pictures on our facebook of the little birds nests as well as many other fun happenings.  Happy Spring!!! Be sure to wave!