All Around Bradleyville

May is my favorite month of the year and I always say it is because the temperature is just right, it is so lush and green and it smells so good from all the flowers blooming. My yard is full of fragrant flowers right now. Pink peonies, white peonies, old fashioned bright pink roses and old fashioned light pink roses and many different colors of iris. They all smell wonderful. I also have a couple of the multiflora rose bushes in my yard that is the bane of all farmers everywhere because they are so invasive, but my, they smell so good. The hummingbirds love the flowers too. They have been pretty much ignoring my feeders the last week or so. Once in a while I see a few but I think they must prefer the flower’s nectar when it is available.

Hercules Church has added on to their church to enlarge the sanctuary and add classrooms and will have a Dedication and Celebration Service on Sunday, June 2. The special service will start that morning at 10:30 with a potluck dinner on the grounds following, and an open house. Everybody is welcome to come see all the changes and to celebrate with the church.

Bob and I made the rounds to decorate graves last Sunday afternoon and we always run into someone we know. We passed Exie and Jessie Case as we were going up the road to the Garrison Cemetery but didn’t get to visit any with them. We did get to visit a while with Doug and Kay Morgan while at the Patterson Cemetery and then visited a little with Deanna Badovinatz and Ginny Clayton as we were leaving. Ginny was joining Deanna and her family for a bite to eat before they went to different cemeteries. The cemeteries really looked pretty with all the new flowers decorating the graves.

Birthdays for the coming week include: May 30: Ashton Judd, Kristen Maggard, Louis Letendre; May 31: Hildred Knight, Ginger Sloan; June 1: Bob Birdsong, Eddie Combs, Roy Combs, Kambria Todd; June 2: Devon Hankins, Caseigh Hodges, Ben Rogers; June 3: Tim Blair; June 4: Lynn Gott, Robyn Whittaker, Jeffrey Shockey.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: May 30: Jerry and Sherry Henning; June 2: Jerry and Pam Herd; June 3: Randy and Joyce Adams, Jack and Stacey Clemans; June 4: David and Teresa Koenig; June 5: Corby and Lisa Lux.