All Around Bradleyville

Greetings from the Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks, near Cox South Hospital. I have been staying here off and on for several days with daughter Julie as she was released from the PCU in the hospital but referred here to be close to the hospital. On the afternoon of Mother’s Day, my twin grandbabies decided to arrive into this world, so back to the hospital Julie and Scott went. Since both babies were still breech the doctors decided to do a C-section and at 8:55 pm both babies were delivered. Baby boy weighed in at 3 lb. and 2 oz. and Baby Girl weighed in at 2 lbs. 14 oz. Both babies and Julie are doing well, but they are still 7-10 weeks early so continued prayers would surely be appreciated. Names have not been decided yet, although they have several in mind to choose from.

On a completely different note, have any of you noticed an increase in snakes this year? I have already had two in my yard. Garrett got a little too close for comfort to a spreading adder a few days ago. He and I were out in the yard and he was walking around about 20 feet away when he pointed down and repeated several times, “What’s that?” When he did that my heart just dropped to my toes because I had a feeling what “that” was. I started hollering “get away from it” as I ran over there. I was shaking by the time I got to him. I picked him up and set him in a lawn chair about 10 feet away while the snake and I visited awhile. The snake now understands not to come in my yard ever again and won’t be able to, for that matter. It wasn’t poisonous but it would have been all the same if it were a copperhead. It made this old grandma’s heart beat a little too fast. Then just a few days later while I was weed-eating around my flower bed a long garter snake went slithering into the middle of the flowers. I think  I weed-eated him, but it disappeared and I haven’t seen it since. I am not scared of non-poisonous snakes but the spread adder just looks awful when it does it’s thing and reminds me of a cobra, which I guess is the point.

Graduation for the Bradleyville seniors happened last Saturday evening and the gym was full of parents, relatives and friends of the graduates. My favorite part is always the slide show of the graduates, showing pictures of them throughout their lives. It is fun to see the changes in their appearances through the years, although most of them looked pretty much the same from about first grade on, just getting more grown up.

New Mansion Church will have a celebration for all graduates on Sunday evening, May 26 at 6pm. There will be a covered dish dinner. I will try to have more details before it happens.

Hercules Church will be having an Open House at the end of May so anyone who wishes can see the additions and renovations that has been made to the church. I will also have more details on that closer to the time.

I don’t have my lists with me, so the birthday and anniversary lists are pretty bare this week.

Birthdays: May 16: Sheila Hunsaker, May 18: Kayla Blair, Liz Powell; May 19: Hayden Crouch, Heidi Easley, Roger Magnuson; May 20: Kevin Hunsaker; May 21: Melissa Case, Curtis Johnson; May 22: Debby Hunsaker, Christian Kallstrom, Teresa Rayburn.