All Around Bradleyville

The weather is so topsy-turvy I wondered if I would see a hummingbird before June, but of course they know when to come back and don’t pay attention to my calendar. I wonder if any of you are seeing hummingbirds yet. I finally saw one Monday morning and had to go out and gather up my feeders and bring them in and wash and bleach them good. I hung up two of them and guess we’ll see how busy they get.

I really am needing to mow my yard too. It is getting pretty high and I am way behind on that and mowing the cemetery. Our lawn mower needed an oil change, new blades and the deck leveled and we haven’t had time to do anything to it. Bob has been so busy working and we’ve gone to see Julie in the hospital every day so he took it back to the dealer to get it serviced. Now I was wondering out loud the other day why we didn’t do that at the end of summer last year, or during the long cold winter when we didn’t need to mow at all. I guess that’s just the way we do things.

The Dogwoods are in full bloom and so pretty. They remind me every year that my brother, Steve Sloan and his wife Alice was married this time of year and so was my Grandma and Grandpa Richardson. They are all gone now but it’s a nice memory to associate with the Dogwood trees.

I was talking to Connie Haes at church Sunday and she mentioned that the Caney-Roberts Cemetery will have it’s Decoration Day on Sunday, May 5.

There will be a Baccalaureate service May 8 at Bradleyville School for the graduates. I do not have any information at this time about who is speaking but if you would like more information about it you can get in touch with Pastor Jack Clemans of Bradleyville General Baptist Church.

Talked a minute with Pete and Novella Knight of Washington State on Monday. Novella said she is in a wheelchair now but still going strong and Pete sounded strong as ever and was curious about families he knew from here. Pete and Novella will be celebrating their 73rd anniversary on May 3. That is something to talk about. When the whole world is focused on bad news and such bad things are happening all over the world, I know it should be reported on, but I also think the happy and good things should be reported also. Congratulations to Pete and Novella on their anniversary.

Birthdays: May 2: Nicole Hunsaker; May 3: Bill Birdsong, Cindy Clark, Marnita Hughey, Kim Scott; May 4: Brady Rogers; May 5: Jan Clark; May 8: Brenda Boyd, Deanna Badovinatz.

Anniversaries: May 3: Kevin and Robyn Tweedy, Pete and Novella Knight; May 6: Mike and Nicole Hunsaker.