We had chilly temperatures Saturday. Grass is really growing now, and lawn mowing will keep us busy.

Congratualtions to newlyweds Paul and Ernestine Guiley, who were married Saturday, April 13th,  at the Gaddy home.

Gainesville Eastern Star Chapter met this Monday evening, April 22nd.

Redbud trees are in full bloom and Dogwood trees are beautiful too.

For a treat Redbud blooms added to sugar cookie recipes is a good one to try. They have a flavor and add color also.

Murshroom hunters will be looking in the woods for their special food as it is the season for them to grown.

No news from Roger and Lanell Long this week except they have a good garden growing.

Jr. and Shirley Sisney have a good garden growing, hoping a frost doesn’t happen.

Also Shane Pendergrass has been getting his garden ready for planting. This Monday celebrated as “Earth Day.”

Reading the “Old Mill Run” story of “Red” Jackson causes some of us to remember the biggest story of our area for many years. A friend in Iowa sent me the Life Magazine with article and story of the hanging.

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma has been a place my family had connection with since my mother’s sister and husband are buried there. Mamie (Mary Helen) and Joe Cowden owned Cowden’s Dairy in Ada, Oklahoma and we had visited them through the years each summer. We were there the last time when my aunt died, and was buried in Pauls Valley. “Red” Jackson was buried in Howards Ridge Cemetery along side of his son and his parents.

My friend in Iowa who sent me the Life magazine with the Jackson story said, “They raise them rough in Missouri, don’t they?”

Happy Birthdays to my granddaughter and great-grand in New Cambria, Kansas April 22nd and April 23rd.

The Douglas, Ozark and Wright County DOW meeting this Tuesday is in Mountain Grove. Members will be carpooling from here.

A good thought to remember is “the anti-litter group may be the only organization asking us not to contribute.”