We are getting April showers along with all the pretty blooming shrubs. Forsythia’s have been extra colorful.

Turkey season began April 15th, and goes through May 6th.

Richard Blackburns’ have had company who turkey hunted.

Larry and Tracye Miller from Memphis spent four days with his mom, Jerry Miller, over Easter weekend. While here they visited Lilly Ridge Cemetery and decorated family graves.

Dustin Miller celebrated his 23rd birthday April 4th, his grandmother, Jerry Miller, told me. Jerry visited me last Friday morning then went on into town on business and grocery shopping.

My daughter, Karen K. Davis went with me to Mountain Home Tuesday for an appointement with Dr. Arp,  I had scheduled.

I have an April 24th appointment with Dr. Marx, in Mountain Home.

Happy Birthdays to my great-granddaughter, Michelle Barrs, on April 22nd and her mother, Kathy’s birthday on April 23rd, in Kansas.

Mearl and Roger Satterfield fished on Norfork Lake Saturday in the Cystic Fybrosis tournament, and won 7th place out of the competition of 249 boats.

Birthday wishes to Elsie Ponto, of Ocie, as she celebrated in March, reaching her 98th year! If she does her usual fishing perhaps she will have some friends on the lake with her.

Maxine visited Loretta Davidson Sunday afternoon.

Paralee Rea has stayed home and being careful with her leg problem.

There seems to be a lot of leg and foot problems in this neighborhood, at least, as I also have experienced foot and leg pain the past weeks, and heard of others.

Marge Thompson, Edith McKinnon and others attended Senior Adult Missions Meeting this week at Warrenton, MO.

The DOW (3 county) April meeting in Mountain Grove is Tuesday the 23rd, for our extension clubs.

A cooking class is held Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. in Gainesville, by Marie Richardson.

How many folks have enjoyed sassafras tea this spring?

“If you are on a pay as you go trip” be sure there is enough left for your return trip.”