Though is usually takes April showers to bring May flowers, there are many spring flowers already in bloom and certainly is a good sign spring is here.

With warmer temperatures the red wasps came out of their hiding places around here, so I have killed several. They had large “nests” in the attics.

Lilly Ridge Church had the service at Gainesville Healthcare Sunday afternoon.

Friendly Neighbors Club met Thursday and Alice Hurley was hostess. She gave a report on her trip to Africa.. Present were Amy Galyardt, Edith McKinnon, Lynn Bentele, Lily Branco, Linnie Ingram, Karen Davis and Alice.

Best wishes to Paralee Rea as she has been slowed down in activities since she has a blood clot in her leg. Bob Arnett drove her to a doctor in West Plains last week. She is having to keep her leg elevated and cold packs on at times. It seems this golden age isn’t all it’s cut out to be!

Monday evening was regular meeting of Eastern Star, and Paralee was unable to go this time.

My granddaughter, Dana Taylor, has become the recipient of two new calves in her herd of Galloway cows and in her barn there are two new litters of kittens.

Happy Birthday (belated) to Eloise Ford, in Springfield, who had her 93rd April 7th. She was born and grew up in Gainesville and is now a resident at Christian Living facility in Springfield.

Erik and Lisa (Moody) Goettler, of Mountain Home helped their son, Logan, celebrate his 12th birthday with family and friends at the youth center in Cooper Park Saturday.

Special singing and business meeting was Sunday night at Lilly Ridge Church. Plans are not to extend and improve the kitchen and dining area of the church as funds are provided.

Gardeners are busy this time of year. Some folks may have planted potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day and they are growing now with good weather conditions. Soon lawn mowers will be heard as grass is really growing.

Birds are busy making their nests some crowding out the little wrens at one of my bird houses. Martins have arrived and are busy in their house.

A thought to remember, “face the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.”