St. Francis Church

Sunday, April 21 was the third Sunday after Easter. Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the gospel for the day, St. John 16:16, ” a little while and ye shall not see me and again a little while and ye shall see me…” In this passage Jesus prepares his disciples for his death and resurrection: there will be separation  followed by reunion when sorrow will be turned into joy. Christian joy is the presence of Christ, and we have new life in the spirit.

After the service we had a good lunch of sandwiches prepared by Laurie, pickles and relish by Rita, salad by Penelope, and lentil soup by Debbie, then had our spring clean up day with mowing, weeding, and cleaning up the grounds.

Saturday evening I drove to Norwood to attend a play put on by the Norwood school. It was a very funny comedy/murder mystery in which the audience gets to vote on who did it, and Lincoln Connell played the role of the detective who solves the case. Also attending were Brian, Stephanie and Chandler Connell and Rita Fancher. Lincoln says he enjoys acting and intends to continue during his college years at West Point.

Chandler reported on his trip to Chicago last week with a group of MSU students to attend a conference of the American Planning Assocation. His major at MSU is Urban and Regional Planning.

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