St. Francis Church

Sunday, March 31 was Easter Sunday. After the solemn season of Lent with its somber colors and rituals the altar was beautifully appointed with masses of Easter lilies and other white flowers and altar and vestment colors are white and gold and the white and gold paschal candle it lit. The sanctus bells and organ chimes are not used during lent, but on Easter the sanctus fell is rung during communion and the service begins with the thrilling sound of the chimes played by organist Kip Smith to announce the new season. During announcements Bishop Hartley read the names of the loved ones in whose memory the Easter lilies had been given.

In his sermon Bishop Hartley noted that from the beginning of Christianity Easter has been the chief festival of the church and celebrates Christ’s victory over death, the greatest act of all time that broke with the past and demonstrates God’s powers; Christ is the guarantee of our own eternal life.

We will return to our usual schedule on Wednesdays with evening prayer at 6:30 followed by Bible study in which we are reading the book of Isaiah and everyone is welcome. At St. Francis Anglican (Traditional Episcopal) Church. Sunday morning services are at 10:30 led by Bishop Glen Hartley. Visit our website at