Sunday morning was not a normal day for Delmar and me. It was a day of being thankful for being alive and serving a living God who is forever faithful to His own. We had a very harrowing experience on Thursday morning, which included being rescued from the flood. We are very grateful for all the wonderful help in dragging and carrying us out of the swift, swirling water. When we woke up at 7:30, there was no water in our front lawn but, within five minutes, the water was too deep for us to reach the vehicles to get out.

Our friends, neighbors, fire department, the EMTs, state patrol and local law officials were wonderful in saving our lives. We will be forever grateful to you all.

Our children and neighbors have been wonderful in helping with the cleanup which is necessary afterwards. My brother, Vern Deatherage, even took  the shoes off his feet and let Delmar wear them since the boots were so full of water, then went on home without shoes. We appreciate my mom, Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams for having clothes that would fit us so we could take showers and put on clean, dry clothes.

No one has given me news this week so all you will see is news about us.

Until next week just remember to always have your heart right with God because you never know when He will call your name