Sunday morning service was opened with the band playing and singing hymns then congregational songs and prayer.

I sang a special then Brother Roberts brought the message from John 3:1-8, “When Life Really Begins.”

Sunday evening we had an Italian dinner at church. I made lasagna and several others made Italian dishes and we had a huge dinner with all the trimmings.

On Monday, Ray and Delpha Roller and Donna Bannister were here for dinner to celebrate Delmar Rosseau and Delpha (Rosseau) Roller’s 83rd birthday. I fixed BBQ ribs, homemade hot rolls, potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob. Delpha brought ice cream and strawberries for dessert. We enjoyed a long visit with them. Delmar got calls from Waashington state and several local calls wishing happy birthday. Later on Monday we met Beth Stafford and Johnathon Snelson for supper at Krazy Daze’s Cafe. Gary and Bevy Moore joined us there then Bevy came down later and brought Delmar a gift. On Sunday, Betty and Justice DeChenne and Alex came up from Branson and attended church with us then we had lunch at McDonald’s, where Beth Stafford and Johnathon Snelson joined us for a visit. Delmar also received gifts from Beth, Betty and Donna.

Well, the grass is growing and now the mowing has started for this year along with the pollen which makes it miserable for allergy sufferers.

Prayers are going out for the  people who were in Boston, Massachusets when the bombs were set off.

One day Delmar and I visited Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams then stopped by and visited with Keith and Donna Bannister.

I visited one day, at McDonalds, with Uncle Mack Miller and Bob and Linda McCleary. Uncle Mack is still getting around really good to be 95 years young.

Until next week Stay at the feet of Jesus.