4-15-13. The grass is really growing, and so are the weeds.

Kailey, my granddaughter, mowed part of my yard Saturday. After her, Kyle and I put more dirt and seed on Dick’s grave. Maybe since the ground is warmer, it will grow.

Tony came up to fix the lawn mower last week. He went fishing the other evening and caught 15 white bass. Julian Cavalier took his family fishing and didn’t catch one. He painted my kitchen and livingroom ceiling Saturday, Savannah helped.

Goodhope General Baptist Church fixed dinner for the Tom Brown family after his funeral Wednesday.

Norma and I took Freda Richards to lunch Wednesday. She was a little better, but not out of the woods yet.

Pauline Hathcock fell last week and has been confined to her house several days. Judy Ross took her some food Thursday. I went over Friday then I fixed her a cheeseburger Sunday evening and took it by on my way to church.

I stopped by Heath and Son to pick up some Big Master to spread on the lawn to help keep the ticks off and visited with my neighbor Shelly. We got caught up on all the news. Her children are almost grown. We have good neighbors here in Peckerwood Hollar.

Norma Cross, Kenny and Seth Hunt went to Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center Saturday. They spent most of their time with Peggy Jenkins when she is up to much, she has a lot of pain. She is on oxygen full time now and she has to have breathing treatments several times a day. She loves to have company even if she can hardly see or hear. Tony Richards was there to see his mom, Irene. The doctor put Freda Richards on oxygen and breathing treatments last week. She was better the last I heard. My phone has been out since Saturday and it was out a few days before that. How did we ever make it without telephones?

Sue Brown has been sick, her daughter, Diann, was in church yesterday. Sue was under a lot of stress the weeks before Tom passed away.

DeAnn Thompson was in St. Louis, MO attending a medical conference Thursday and Friday last week.

Exodus 23:20, ” Behold, I send an angel before you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place which I have prepared.”