Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist News

The  choir did a special.

Bulletin Announcements:  Children’s church today with both Helen Batten and Sandy Housley.  We love all the kids attending now.  The children did a special. Community Outreach Program at Wonder Pay Lake-April 20, Saturday, starting at 8 a.m.  Church will pay for a free fishing day.  Bring sack lunch, lawn chairs, water, kids, and your sense of humor, said Bro. Rick Batten.  Ladies that day, April 20, we will have fellowship and a card making party at 2:00 p.m. in the church basement.  Door prizes, too.  Bring a friend!  Next Sunday, April 21, fellowship lunch with the fish caught the day before.  Bring side dishes or desserts to go with fish and potatoes.

No Evening services. Recent prayer requests: servicemen, cancer patients, our country, Van Renfrow, Lola and Roy Dennis, Everett and Sam Jenkins, Isaac (Sharon Renfrow’s relative), Carla Bates, Maddison Alexander, Lois Flageolle, Barbara Haney, Jerry Lee, Sharon Marler, Sue Durden, Ernie Dobson, Paul McIntosh, Smith family, and Stanley and Glenda- upcoming revival April 28th.  Special today by Sharon Renfrow, Stanley and Glenda Jones.

Birthdays:  Jesse Mills and Carla Bates. Lola Dennis has brought beautiful spring flower arrangements to the church.  She was also back in the hospital this week-end.  Shelby Moore read invitations from the Mtn. Grove Christian Academy for April 20, April 27, and May 4th.   For more information call Pat Moore- 746-4751.  Good to have Jerry Lee back in services today.

Bro. Rick’s sermon was from Acts 8: 5-24.  “The Holy Spirit must be part of everyone’s religion.  Phillip confronted Simon and said his money would perish with him.  Acts 22-24:  ‘Then answered Simon, and said, Pray ye to the Lord for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me’.  Prayer is so important.  We should pray for those in the bulletin.  We are taught to pray for each other. Pray without ceasing.  God will step in and help out.  We are to confess our faults and pray one for another.  Bro. Rick gave examples from the Bible about Adam and Eve and how they were cursed.  How the Philistines stole the Ark of the Covenant, and how they were cursed; and how King David got into trouble and God gave out punishment until he owned up to his mistakes and paid for his sins.  Bro. Rick said that each of us is responsible to get saved on our own, and we must ask forgiveness for our sins.  No one else can do these 2 things for us.  We can say a generic prayer, but it is much better to be specific about our needs, and it needs to be a personal prayer.  We each know our needs, and we need to pray a sincere personal prayer, so God can take care of what is hurting you. Don’t turn to the preacher; you must talk to Jesus, he is our Savior”.

For more information about upcoming events, please call Bro. Rick Batten at 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.

Remember the fishing trip next Saturday and the Card Making activity.