Rainbow Ridge

Norma Stillings has kept up her visits to the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center. She noticed her neighbor, Tom Johnson, looking stronger. His goal is to go home soon and it looks like he will do it. There have been visitors at the Johnson home and at the Healthcare Center. Tom and Jewell and their family do appreciate the concern, every visit, and every prayer that has been made on their behalf. God is good.

Norma has also been attending meetings of the “Go Blue” Child Abuse Awareness Committee, whose goal is the prevention of Child Abuse in Ava and Douglas County. Start looking in the paper for ads made by Ava students. When you hear one of the ads on the radio, or when you see the pinwheels at school, or the blue light at the gazebo, or banners, posters, and blue T-shirts, let that remind you that children are precious. No child should have to live in fear. Every child should live in a safe and nurturing environment and when that is not the case they need to feel safe talking about it. The adults in a child’s life need to listen to what children are saying, because sometimes the adults we trust to protect children, can’t be trusted. A child’s safety is an adult’s responsibility. Responsible adults need to develop procedures that protect children. Our community can become a safer community by taking these things to heart.