Quad Cities

4-22-13. Dear readers: Well we finally got a couple of days without rain, but it’s supposed to start again this afternoon. As usual, we’re going to Tipton this morning before it starts. Seems like we always go on Mondays and Thursdays. We went last Thursday because I had an appointment with my eye doctor. Everything was okay there. He sure is nice. His office in Muscatine is across from Lisa’s Restaurant and keeps saying he’s going in there sometime to eat, so I told him to tell them I sent him. She has a good business there, but I try to get more business for her. We’ve sure had a lot of rain and it’s flooding everywhere. Really bad. The water was so bad here it washed corn stalks out of the field and across the road in front of my house and washed a good-sized hole out in the road between my house and the highway. But thanks to the good job grandson did patching the roof it didn’t get one drop in the house. Now we can sleep at night if it’s raining. It’s flooding in Davenport and Muscatine and a lot of other places. Really bad. The Rock River in Illinois is doing its thing again this year. If anything floods it will. It’s forcing a lot of people out of their homes again.

I called my long time friend, Kay (Day) Applegate on Saturday. She lives in VanCouver, Washington. I hadn’t talked to her in quite sometime and was concerned. She was really happy to hear from me and said she was hoping I’d call because she had lost my phone number. She said she hadn’t heard anything about her cousin, Cuma Hall, dying so I gave her Cuma’s phone number and told her to try calling to make sure it was her that passed. She had been trying to get a hold of Cuma’s sister, But I’ve forgotten what her name was. Cuma is the one who called me and gave me Kay’s phone number when I wrote in the paper that I was trying to locate her. I’m really grateful to Cuma for getting us back in touch with each other. I’ts a blessing for sure. Kay and I had a really nice visit as usual. She half way promised to send me some pics. I wish she would. I had sent Royce Reed a card when I saw where his sister had passed so he called Sunday to thank me for that. I had told him in the card that Kathye Clark had another heart attack. And we also had a nice long visit. Talking about relatives and other people from Douglas County and the ones who had lived up here and worked, then moved back to Missouri when they retired.

I better quit my scribbling and get ready to go. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.