Quad Cities

4-15-13 So look at this April is half over. More and more people are realizing how fast the time goes as you get older. I think it’s rained about every day this month and this is the time of year when it’s rainy and the mother coon is trying to get in where it’s dry to have babies and the results, as usual, a hole in the roof. Grandson, Jared, came out and put some tin over the hole and the area there where she’s scratching the holes. It was raining a little and so the tar wouldn’t stick. So Jared will come back when it’s not raining and bring great-grandson, Jacob, to help finish. Jared did a good job and wouldn’t let me pay him for gas to come out here or anything.

My friend, Kathye Clark, that lives by me for so long called me one day last week and was on the way to the hospital because of breathing difficulties. Then called later on and said she had a heart attack in the E.R. I think they put more stints in. She said she was doing okay, that makes at least two heart attacks she’s had lately. Then right after that Walt’s daughter had to go get her gall bladder taken out. She says she’s okay too. She had some heart attacks a couple of years ago and had been on blood thinner so the doctor didn’t want to do surgery because of that so she’s been in a lot of pain. She said it finally got so bad they had to go ahead and do it. It’s still supoosed to rain for about five days at least. It’s making it hard on the farmer and anyone wanting to plantt a garden or as a matter of fact, do anything outside. That’s for sure. I see where nephew, Eddie, got to keep his job as mayor. Good for him! We went to the Q.C.A. last Friday. It was windy and cold so I spent the whole time in Wal-Mart. Walt ran his errands and then met his son, Rob, at Slivis HyVee and visited with him awhile. When Walt got back we finished shopping then ate lunch at Subway inside the Wal-Mart store, then headed for the farm. Always good to get back home, kick back and relax for a while. I walked inside Wal-Mart for three hours so I was tired and of course he was tired from all the running he had to do. The stores were really crowded too. Sorry we didn’t get to see you Dee. I was really feeling bad on the way up there and was afraid I was gonna have to find a way to lay down after I got there. And I don’t want anybody to see me when I’m sick. This morning we’re going to Muscatine for a few shopping reasons, one of them being to see if we can find a live trap to catch the coon and transport her somewhere else before she has babies again. So as usual, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.