Quad Cities

4-1-13. So here it is April’s Fools Day. I hope everyone had a good Easter. I did. I stayed home, got caught up on some laundry, watched some golf and relaxed. We got a “Happy Easter, love ya” from Walt’s son, Randy Allison. He lives in Minnesota, but drives a truck so I don’t know where he was. He comes by on the Interstate sometimes and honks. He never has time to stop because he has to keep on his schedule. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him. Daughter, Anita, and I sent “Happy Easter” texts to each other and Rob Allison’s wife, Sharon, called and talked to Walt awhile. Otherwise it was uneventful. The weather was awesome. I should have gone outside some, but didn’t.

The flowers are coming up pretty good. It was 31 degrees this morning so I hope they don’t get killed. The Robins, Red Wings and Doves are back and one chipmunk. We’re not seeing as many Cardinals now so I guess they’ve went off to build their nests and raise their babies. We have another beautiful day with sunshine, even though it is cold. I guess I’ll start putting my winter clothes away and getting my summer clothes ready to wear. It always turns real cold when I do that, but I’m starting to get to warm in the stores, so I’ll wear layers and take some of them off when I get hot.

This is not much of a letter, but take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.