Quad Cities

3-27-13 Dear readers: We’re gonna try to get out this morning while the ground is frozen and go to Tipton and try to get back before it thaws. What a mess! It’s all the way up to 31 degrees right now so it’s climbing. It was twenty-eight degrees just a few minutes ago. The lane is a muddy mess from the melting snow. It snowed again over the weekend. Then got up to around 40 degrees yesterday with bright sunshine part of the day and melted a lot of the snow, then it runs right down into the lane. Because the lane has been graded so much it’s down lower than the fields and everything else. Sure hope we’re outta here before next winter. The Spring is just as bad or worse. With the melting snow and rain it’s a muddy mess and nothing you can do. At least you can plow the snow.

I can’t remember if I already wrote about this, but on Saturday the 16th we joined daughter, Anita, her hubby, Carl, and Jared’s daughter, Zoie, granddaugher Lisa, Walt’s daughter Berta and Walt and yours truly for my birthday dinner and cake in Muscatine at Lisa’s Restaurant. Jared and Carrie had to work. I sure did enjoy it though. They had a German chocolate cake because they know that is both Walt and my favorite.

Our this weekend we went to East Moline on Friday morning and stayed until Monday morning while Candi and Jarred went to Ozark, Missouri for Candi’s sister, Mel’s, wedding. They came back through all that bad weather in St. Louis and Springfield, Illinois at times going 20mph. Candi kept in touch with Walt via cell phone and we were really worried about them. But they used good common sense and drove carefully and made it back home safely. Of course, there’s always the danger of someone running into you no matter how careful you drive. We had a good stay over there. The little dog, Chesney was down in his back legs and hips for awhile and couldn’t stand up so he had to spend some time in the hospital. The doctor said it was arthritis and treated him for that. He sure was excited to see me. He’s okay now. I always sit on the couch and he comes and lays down with his head and shoulders on my lap and I scratched (or rubbed) his little chest and under his chin and massage his little shoulders and talk to him and tell him what a good boy he is. I’ve done that since he was a little bitty puppy and he never forgets. Later on we met Amy and little Jaxson for lunch. Well I guess it would have been supper because we ate lunch in Wal-Mart  and saw them in there eating at Subway. Then met them later on. Jaxon is a year old now and still as cute as can be. Then on Saturday afternoon we went to Walt’s other granddaughter’s house and saw her, her husband, the two kids and Berta was there. Their kids are two and three years old now and of course they’re also still as cute as can be and so friendly. We have to quit and get ready to go as usual. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.