Oak Grove Church

We trust that you had a beautiful celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ this past Sunday and hope you have plans to be in His service throughout the year as well.

Our message next Sunday, April 7th is scheduled to be, “The Charge.” No that is not a reference to a credit transaction or payment due. It will also have nothing to do with basketball, (March Madness), the Light Brigrade, General George S. Patton, a buffalo stampede or electrical current. Now that you know what it will not be about, come and join us to find our what it “will” be about. You will walk away with some very valuable information, that may or may not help your credit score, but will absolutely leave you better grounded.

Then our planned evening message will be, “Is Your Book Bound?” This will have little if anything to do with the publishing of written material, or it’s outer covering; and all to do with….nope, not telling! You will have to come, join us for worship services to see what the point is all about.

Oh, yes, we still have a seat reserved for you, your spouse and children, and even your in-laws. So come be our guest, join us in worshiping the Lord, and prayer for our nation, may God bless and keep you is our prayer.