Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. We sure had a gully-washer Wednesday and Thursday. There were car run-offs, people had to be rescued, homes had to have their basements pumped out because they were full of water. But aren’t we glad in this area that there weren’t any deaths? We need to always look on the good side of things.

Travis Coatney’s house will be put off for a little while – you can swim in his back yard. The water will go down fast, but it will be a mess to work in.

Bonita Raney and Linda Vanderbogart fed the senior citizens April 9 while Joan Williams is away visiting her mother-in-law in Florida. Those present were Denver, Linda, Shirley, Donna Sue and Wayne Cottengim, Earlene Dennis, Ruth Bradshaw, Jennifer Boykin, Gale Robertson, Shirley Schroeds, Angelina Olwas (TLC), Jack Chadwell, Janet Atchison, Phillip and Sue Durden, Jack Barnett, Joe Locke, Leon Pendergrass, JR and Alberta Steinart. The next dinner will be May 14.

Plan ahead for Mothers Day – it will be here soon, May 12. Mothers are special. I thank God for my mama and my step-mom too.

The only anniversary I have this week is Quenton and Becky Russell. They celebrated April 22.

Judy Bradshaw, Ronnie’s wife, made it through her operation with flying colors, and now she is home doing fine.

My sister Candy Owrey now lives in Rogersville, but she had her second little girl last Monday. They named her Zoe. Her oldest girl is Zhana, age 7. She likes the Zs.

Good to hear from Sharon Bennett. She is married to Donna Bennett’s son Gorman. Gorman left his kids here while they moved and finally came last week to get them. No, not his real kids. He had a bunch of goats Donna took care of until he could get a fence built. See, that’s a mama who deserves to be recognized – still doing for her kids even though they are grown and moved away.

Fun facts: The Christian Nazarene Church was built in the 1890s. In 1912, they had 130 members. They did good until 1940; then it began to decline to just a few people. The Bouldins had a funeral home in town, and they used the Nazarene Church for funerals. On Sept. 23, 1973, the church opened again. Rev. Vernon D. May and family came from Colorado and the church began to grow again.

Thought: An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. Use your time wisely.

Until next week, God bless our little town.