Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Ruth Bradshaw gave a birthday surprise party Sunday evening for her caregiver, Gale Robertson. There were a lot of people there. She received a dozen pink roses and several gifts. Cake and ice cream was served.

Laurel Hall and June Swanson wanted to do something special for their friend, Tresia Chadwell, so they treated her to a fun day at the spa in Springfield. She received a massage, facial, pedicure and then a lovely dinner. Friends like that are rare. That great gesture couldn’t have been given to a nicer person!

Gerldean Barnett passed away Wednesday at her home. She had been ill for a long time. Jack and Gerldean had been married 50 years, and had one daughter, Jacklynn Schaffer. She was a stay at home mom and helped where she was needed on the farm.

Uncle Danny and Beverly Page celebrated on the 23rd, their anniversary of 42 years.

Dale and Sheila Garrison will celebrate 30 years on the 28th. John and Carrie Williams will celebrate 12 years together on the 26th.

My husband was a little ticked when I told him I put in his trapping report, so he made me tell that this week was a little better than just 16 possums, he also got 1 beaver, four bobcats and 7 coons. That’s the whole truth, nothin’ but the truth.

Ed and Joan Williams just got back from New Smyirna Beach, Florida, where they stayed three weeks with Ed’s mother, who is still living by herself and she is 98 years young come March.

Courtney (Williams) Stout had gone down there and had five generation pictures taken with her great grandma and children.

We appreciate the news. If you have anything to report, give me a call at 746-1112.

Fun Facts:

Last week we saw that 13 schools consolidated, but there was a few people that didn’t want to consolidate. Mr. Paul Chadwell (Bob Chadwell’s dad) was for consolidating, he went around talking to people. He argued that the people had no choice because the country schools would have to close down because they could not meet government standards and their aid would be cut off. Some people who were against it went so far as to hire a lawyer, but the lawyer and these people lost their case.

Thought: No man has a right to do as he pleases, except when he pleased to do right.

Until next week, God bless our little town.