Murray Church

We had good services Easter Sunday. We opened up in prayer then the congregation was led in some songs. The children took up the penny march. We are really proud of our young people. Birthday offering was given by Rachael Garner and Bro. Graham’s grandson. They both are five years old. Then we were dismissed for Sunday school classes. Bro. Darrel taught a very good lesson from Luke. Specials were sung by Becky Cox, Rayonna and Rachael, Darrel and Helen and Dan, Janice, Rayonna and Rachael. Bro. Billy Graham brought a very good message on communion. After preaching we had communion. The children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. We then had dinner. After dinner we had afternoon service. Starting off service a group of young people sung a couple songs led by the pastor’s daughter. Sis. Helen brought a very good message.

Our sympathy goes out to Darrel and Helen Webster in the death of sister-in-law that lived in Dodge City, Kansas.