Little Creek

Hello to everyone from Little Creek on this beautiful sunshiny Friday morning. I just finished reading both local newsapapers, and was especially happy to read River Stillwood’s update item. We had just talked of her at club and all were concerned that she hadn’t contributed her excellent writings for quite a long time. After scanning the front page I then catch up on all my friends and neighbors through the local news items from all the communities. I appreciate all the staff and editors for including this part of our papers, especially the Douglas County Herald for not limiting the length of our contributions and for printing all appropriate items.

And I thoroughly enjoy the sheriff’s report in the Ozark County Times. My family all want me to save the paper for this section especially because it is amusing what some people call about.

Well here it is Sunday. I got side tracked because I had company coming. Kasey and Karen brought me onion sets and potting soil and then proceeded to plant them. Burr came and mowed the yard.

We are trying something new which I will share. They brought me two bags of potting soil with plant food already in it and cut a square out of the top. They punched holes down through so it would drain and put the bag on the ground. Will see what success we have and if the onion sets do good.

I can hardly believe it is Sunday again, because it was Sunday only yesterday, or so it seems. Time seems to go so fast.

I was so pleasantly surprised by a visit Friday evening by my dear friend, Nicole Lucas. She was with me a year every week and I got to know her well and I loved her from the first day I knew her. We were compatiable. She cleaned my house and best of all were our therapy sessions when we talked of many things we have in common.

I have a different in home aide now and we get along great. She is Trisha and is my third cousin. I appreciate her.

Time for church. I hope there are many worshipping today in spirit and in truth.

At home after good church service Danny led us through a good lesson in the 3rd chapter of St. Luke and Burr’s texts was from Psalms and Acts. He urged all of us to be loving and kind to those we’re close to and to not take our loved ones for granted.

Burr treated Ruth and I to dinner out after church. You could say he practiced what he preached.

I went to quilting club for awhile Wednesday. It is always good to see my friends and share news and discuss shows we watch on tv.

I haven’t written for our club in awhile so I’ll bring those of you interested up to day. We have eleven members. Each gathering every Wednesday is a day long session which includes a potluck dinner. There is usually 8 menfolk coming to share dinner testifying to the delicious food. The home cooking is set aside three or more times a year for our special outings when we celebrate spring, fall and Christmas or just our groups many years of existance.

Our members are myself, now the oldest member and I retired from the quilting frames due to health issues. I now am the designated hemmer.

Then there is Ruth Evans, a retired teacher, who taught some of our kids. She is the daughter of a preacher man and carries on her parent’s legacy of true Christianity. She is faithful in coming and is an asset to our club.

Wanda Huffman came and finding us friendly and compatable decided to join and has been a loyal friend and a dedicated quilter. Wanda makes beautiful things with her machine, and she brings our only gentlemen member, Billy Fletcher. Or sometimes he brings her. Billy loves embroidery and that’s what he usually does. He is also our president and is supposed to keep everyone “lined out” and doing as expected and abiding by our rules. He also keeps the minutes.

There is Alma Doty, I believe our newest member, who was recommended by Ruth and has become one of us. Alma moved to the Ozarks from Illinois, but seems like a born hillbilly and fits right in with our group. She is a caring, helpful lady and I appreciate her for picking me up since I no longer drive. She does so much for me including loaning me books. We’re both book worms and like the same authors.

Another member is our special friend, also a transplanted hillbilly. Barb Hoefling moved here from Illinois and didn’t know how to do hand quilting. Someone told her of the Nimble Thimble Club and she just showed up one day and has come ever since. Barb has been a dependable member and learned to quilt quickly. She can do magical things with a needle and thread and we’ve depended on her for so much. Barb has health issues, but still manages to come when possible.

Colleen Lakey retired from her custodial job at school and started coming to club. She is a good quilter and an especially good dishwasher. She has Billy helping clean up or Jo Delp, one or the other. Colleen brightens our day because Connie is always happy and cheerful.

Then there is Audrey Turner, who never misses a club day. She is our secretary and is indispensable. She helps put the quilts in the frames, together with Alma or with Jean, and she gets the food on the table each week, always on time to eat at 12 o’clock sharp. We couldn’t do without Audrey. My sisters and I joke that we adopted Jim as our brother so that we could have Audrey as our sister.

Also my two sisters, Jean Frye and Jo Delp come each week and so that makes the three of us together every week which makes club days extra special for us. They both enjoy quilting and were instrumental in forming our club.

Marie King just started coming to our club one day and has been a member ever since. She never fails to give us all cards on special days and is faithful to come and help even if it’s hard to get around.

We miss Ruby and Carl Sievert. Ruby’s health forced her to quit. We all loved Ruby and she is in our prayer daily.

We all will forver miss our Norma Frye who kept us on the straight and narrow. Norma pulled no punches, but was appreciated for that fact and for all the work she did. I miss her every week in my corner and it’s not the same without Norma.

These members are really involved with each other coming together to do a job while meeting different needs for communication and intimacy, where sharing of experiences can take place. This one day we all can engage in relaxing rather than tension-producing activities where there is no competing, but a cooperative atmosphere.

We don’t know why our club has been a suceess. But we don’t have any problems with attendance. You don’t make doctor appointments or any other appointments on Wednesdays.

This cooperative effort has produced a great many quilts over the years and we have kept a scrapbook of quilts phtographed for our enjoyment and for future reference.

We must purchase a camera for club and get back to taking pictures and update our scrapbook, but better yet purchase a new scrapbook. Just a suggestion since I’m no longer the secretary.

Have a happy week and enjoy each day the Lord gives us and to Him we give the glory.