Little Creek

Last Weeks News- I almost forgot to write my news until my sister Jean called just now with hers.

She and Jim had company for dinner after church namely Danny and Jamie Dry and their son, Benji and Dana, Rusty Frye and Ruth and Burr Taber. After dinner guests were Benji and Dana’s daughter, Cori and boyfriend, Cody Heriford and Aaron Taber.

They all stayed until church time again.

Jean and I agreed on what a beautiful Easter Sunday the Lord gave us and it was made special for me to be in church with three of my kids and two of my sisters, with one of my sons bringing the message. Jean said Jamie’s testimony last night was that she knew Granny (my mom) was very happy to know that all three daughters and several grandchildren and other family members were worshipping together at Clark Church yesterday and that one grandchild was preaching. I wish she could have known Ruth and most wishful that Ruth would have known my mom.

Mom has been on my mind lately. She was a most special lady as everyone in our community will tell you. She served her Lord faithfully and anytime the door was open Granny, as she was affectionally known, was there. It didn’t bother Granny that she could barely carry a tune, she sang her heart out anyway because she was singing praises for Jesus.

All my kids knew that when Granny prayed she got an answer so therefore they didn’t want to do anything bad for their grandmother to know about because they knew she would pray over them.

Karen came home with me for lunch after church and then took me for a ride to enjoy some of the back roads I use to know. We had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Burr had coffee with me today and I guess that is all the news I have for now.

This Weeks News – We all came together Sunday morning at our church, all of one accord and that was to worship our Lord and Savior in spirit and in song. We had several missing and had prayer for Kevin and Joseph, Brian and famiy and Julie and family. Burl invited a friend, I only know him by Bro. Vic, to come minister to us with the word. He brought a good message using several scriptures.

We came home and fixed dinner and Burr and Ruth ate with me.

Kasey visited me Friday evening bringing me a weekly gift.

And I had a visit last week with dear friend, Candy Lane.

I would like to extend sincere condolences to the Robertson family at the loss of their brother Junior.

I sent my news to the mailbox last week and apparently it wasn’t picked up or didn’t get into the box for it was still there on Thursday. So I’m sending last weeks items also.

I went to quilt club Wednesday just for dinner. Kevin picked me up on his way there for a delicious meal eaten with good friends. We’re all getting older, but still enjoying our quilting tradition. The men folk who come every weeek enjoy our Wednesday as much as we ladies do.

Autum Miller, Rusty Frye and Jamie and Danny Dry had supper with Jim and Jean Frye Sunday.

I wish late birthday cheer to my sister, Jo Delp, and my grandson, Jody Weyrauch.

Not much news so happy days to all my friends.