Little Creek

This has been a beautiful Lord’s Day. Most all were in church today. Our lesson was over before I knew it. I really appreciate our lesson hour. Danny answers all questions and then discussion. All of us appreciate our teacher and we probably do not tell him often.

Burr’s message was good as well. His text was from James with other books of the Bible supporting his message.

After service Jamie read the minutes of the last business meeting and several things were brought up for imput from the members of our church. Everyone elected Burr as pastor. He has good role modesl to follow.

Coming home he said he has a big responsibility. He needs the prayers of all his friends that he will stay in the center of God’s will.

We came home where Burr and Ruth cooked fish and mushrooms and came to share with me. I surprised them with stir fry and mac and cheese. We had dinner fit for the king.

Saturday I got ambitious and baked a chocolate pie. They came and we ate the pie. They both said it was the best pie they’d ever ate, which made me feel good.

Then Karen brought Subway sandwiches Thursday and we had lunch together. She  always calls to see if I need anything when she is getting ready to leave town and bless her heart she tries to take care of me.

Kasey came Friday evening. He brings me my weekly gift and Kevin calls every day and we discuss the news of the day and other subjects.

Kim lives in Fair Grove and I don’t get to see her often. I miss her.

I have the best kids I could have ever wanted and I thank God for each one and their uniqueness. For they are different from one another, but alike in some ways, at least the ways that count – caring, helpful and honest nature, they all have.

And all my nieces and nephews are just as precious to me.

I have loved them a good many of my 84 years and I treasure each memory.

I appreciate everyone for all the birthday wishes, cards and etc.

I received a welcome card and letter from Sue Hartgraves and I’m looking forward to a visit from her soon.

And to all my friends on Facebook, I appreciate those wishes as well.

My granddaughter, Nicole Robertson, will be graduating with her Master’s Degree in business in a few weeks and she is anxious.

I commend Nikki for her accomplishments. She has worked at the same time as studying. I congratulate her.

Ruth will be having surgery the 25th. Please pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon’s hands and that she will come away without the back pain that has plagued her for so long. Ruth relies on her Savior and is very faithful in her Christian duties even though she is in severe pain most of the time. We trust in His care.

Dyanna, another soldier in the Lord’s Army, has volunteered to keep the church house clean and tidy until Ruth is able to do so again.

Charlie came Sunday afternoon bringing a birthday gift. He is having health problems and needs the prayers of his friends.

Also Kasey’s special friend and mine as well, Steve McChesney, needs prayer.

Our communities are made up of praying people and it is good to have the prayers of friends all praising Him and giving thanks for all His blessings and feeling free to ask for help when we are in need.

So let’s hold one another up in prayers and to Jesus give the glory for His many blessings.

I find that in the winter of my life, I have more time to read the Bible and to be close to God. When you are alone He is the best friend you will ever have. He is there at midnight when you need someone to talk to and to console you and He is there in the morning hours to share the beginning of the day.

If you do not know my Lord intimately I’d urge you to seek to do so and I promise you, you will never be sorry. Life is better with Jesus in it and each day brings us all closer to Heaven. I hope you will make Heaven your home and with that aim in mind, He will guide your way.

This is Monday already again and is a beautiful sunshining day. Burr came and made breakfast to share with a pot of coffee and later he and Paylie came to get water. They are making a gate for the electric fence. Paylie is three and is a delight. She had changed her name today to Stephanie. It is good to have a little one around again and she likes Grandma Ruby.

Jim Frye had eye surgery today and is home doing well.